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A major goal for the Academic Achievement Committee for this school year is to enrich our teaching of literacy throughout the grades. While St. Paul’s students have traditionally scored impressively well in reading, we would like to put to use other available means of teaching and assessing reading in order to better meet the individual needs of all of students. A significant step towards this goal is the adoption of a reading assessment to allow us to measure accurately and reliably the reading levels of every primary-level student and track his/her progress throughout the year.

Family Participation Drive.....there's still time!!!

Dr. Blake has agreed to shave his head for a new hairstyle if we have 100% participation in the Annual Fund by our families.  We initially said this had to be accomplished by Jan. 30th; however,   Dr. Blake has graciously agreed to give more time for donations to come in.  That's how committed he is to seeing success with this campaign.  As of Monday, January 26th we have 50% participation of families so we are half way there!  He is willing get his new hairstyle during Town Hall meeting as soon as we hit the 100% mark!
Our corporate partners are organizations that recognize and appreciate the mission of education, service, and outreach to our community that St. Paul’s provides, while also benefiting from the promotion of their names and services to our wide-ranging community. We currently have seven corporate sponsors and are expanding the program this spring.  Contact our Development Office to learn how your corporate partnership with St. Paul’s Episcopal School can communicate your organization’s name and services to the hundreds of families and members of the St. Paul’s community and beyond.