Faculty & Staff
Administrative Staff
Debbie Bennett
Interim Head of School
Email: dbennett@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246 (Ext. 12)
Debbie began her work at St. Paul’s in January of 2007 teaching in the three-year-old class.  She previously served as the Interim Head of School, before being appointed to the role of Director of Admissions, Development, and Marketing. Prior to working at St. Paul’s, Debbie taught on the secondary and Kindergarten/Pre-K level for ten years.  She has a B.S. in Home Economics Education from Baylor University and received her Early Childhood Certification from Texas Women’s University.

Danielle Howey
Curriculum Director/PYP Coordinator
Email: dhowey@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246 (Ext. 15)
Danielle Howey joined St. Paul’s in 2013 as second grade teacher and became Curriculum Director/PYP Coordinator in 2014. She graduated cum laude from Texas Tech University and is fully certified as an elementary school teacher. She previously taught second grade in an International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Lubbock, where she was a nominee for Teacher of the Year. Danielle is trained in such areas as IB-PYP, inquiry-based instruction, and content literacy.

 12309533_10103423406742537_4350219954246556151_o Jenny Peel
Director of Development & Admissions
Email: jpeel@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246 (Ext. 13)
Jenny Peel joined St. Paul’s in 2016 as our Director of Development and Admissions. Jenny holds a BS degree in mass communication from Texas State University and is completing a master’s degree in public administration with an emphasis on non-profit administration, also from Texas State. She has years of career experience in non-profit fund raising. Jenny’s husband, Jeff, is a St. Paul’s graduate, and her children, Harper and Cooper, are students at St. Paul’s.

James Garrett
Business Manager
Email: jgarrett@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
James Garrett, our part-time Business Manager, joined St. Paul’s in 2013. Mr. Garrett holds a degree in accounting from Texas A&M. He served previously at Patillo, Brown, and Hill and served for the past five and half years for Cunningham, Shavers, Christensen, and Wright. Strongly involved in community service, James serves as board treasurer for the La Vega Education Foundation, the Southeast Texas Youth Association, and Bethel Methodist Church.

 picasso4 Ruth Ellen Bridges
Administrative Assistant
Email: office@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246 (Ext. 10)
Ruth Ellen Bridges serves as our administrative assistant. Mrs. Bridges has worked for a number of years as a teaching assistant and parents’ day out director. She has valuable early childhood school administrative experience. Mrs. Bridges and her husband, Rocky, are parishioners of St. Paul’s, and their daughter, Myla, is a St. Paul’s student.
Faculty – Classroom Teachers
Brittany Sullivan
Early Toddlers -12MO Class
Email: bsullivan@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

Hollie Ustanik
Early Toddlers -18MO Class
Email: hustanik@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

Penny Lull
Two Year Olds
Email: plull@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

Missie Greenawalt
Two Year Olds
Email: mgreenawalt@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Missie has been at St. Paul’s since 2008, previously serving as a Teacher’s Aide at several different levels. Missie holds an associates degree in child development from MCC. Her daughter, Emma Beth.

Clesia Nolan
Three Year Olds
Email: cnolan@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Clesia has over fifteen years experience working with young children. This is her fourth year at St. Paul’s. In her first two years she worked with the two-year-olds and was excited to move up last year to the threes. She is working to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education through UT-Arlington.

Allison Canon
Three Year Olds
Email: acanon@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

  Melisa Bennett
First Grade
Email: mbennett@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Melisa Bennett previously taught first grade for a number of years here at St. Paul’s before taking over one of our Pre-K classes. In both Pre-K and first-grade, she has been an outstanding teacher, who lovingly challenges each child to reach his/her full potential. Melisa is graduate of St. Paul’s, earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas, and is fully certified as an elementary school teacher. Her husband and daughter are also St. Paul’s graduates.

Susan Cleveland
Email: scleveland@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Susan has taught PreK at St. Paul’s for twenty years. She graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Art. Her first teaching experiences were in art, and she brings that love of art into her PreK classroom.

Sherri Ray
Kindergarten/Early School Director
Email: sray@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Sherri received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from Missouri State University in 2000.  In 2001, she returned to Texas and obtained her Texas Teaching Certificate. She has been teaching kindergarten at St. Paul’s for over ten years.

Jennifer Ray Jennifer Ray
First Grade
Email: jray@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Jennifer Ray joined St. Paul’s School in 2015 as our first grade teacher. Ms. Ray earned her undergraduate degree from Baylor University and came to St. Paul’s with eight years of very successful teaching experience. She is impressively trained and experienced in differentiating instruction to meet the individual needs of her students and in various approaches to teaching literacy and math. Ms. Ray also serves as Director of the St. Paul’s Summer Program.

Emilee Ashenfelter
Second Grade
Email: eashenfelter@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Mrs. Ashenfelter is a graduate of St. Clement’s Episcopal School in El Paso and graduated cum laude from Baylor with a degree in early childhood through fourth grade education. She is fully certified both as an early childhood and gifted/talented teacher. Mrs. Ashenfelter previously taught fourth grade science and social studies, second grade, and gifted and talented students. As such, she has a strong background in inquiry or discovery learning, research based learning, and differentiated instruction.

Portrait of Dora Maar, Paris, 1937 Lori Nagel
Third Grade
Email: lnagel@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Mrs. Nagel holds  a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and is fully certified as a K-8th grade teacher. She began her career in the Dallas area, teaching for several years both in the Richardson ISD and Prince of Peace School. Mrs. Nagel later taught in the Midway ISD, teaching fourth and third grades. She has spent the past several years writing curriculum for Young Chefs International.

Joanna Mayberry
Fourth Grade
Email: jmayberry@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Joanna Mayberry joined the St. Paul’s faculty in 2015. Mrs. Mayberry holds a BA from Texas Tech University and a master’s degree in education from the University of Texas at Arlington. Besides being a fully certified elementary school teacher, she is also trained and certified to work with gifted and talented children. Mrs. Mayberry came to St. Paul’s with several years of valuable teaching experience, primarily at the third, fourth, and fifth grade levels. Mrs. Mayberry and her husband have two little girls who are St. Paul’s students.

Cheryl Lamb
Fifth Grade
Email: clamb@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Mrs. Lamb holds a degree in elementary education from Southwest Texas State University and is fully certified as an elementary school teacher. She previously taught Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science both in self-contained and departmentalized elementary schools and is trained and experienced in such areas as Love and Logic, technology integration, living museums, and gifted and talented programs. Mrs. Lamb spent much of her impressive career in the West ISD, where she taught for twenty years. Cheryl has led summer camps on robotics at MCC.

Suzy Nettles
Sixth Grade
Email: snettles@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Mrs. Nettles joined St. Paul’s School in 2014. She brought years of successful teaching experience, previously being named a district “Teacher of the Year.”  Mrs. Nettles left teaching to develop a youth cooking class company, which she developed into an internationally franchised enterprise. Suzy holds a degree in elementary education from Baylor. She is a longtime member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, where she is involved in various ministries, including Meals on Wheels.


Faculty – Co-Curricular Teachers

Nikita Disheroon
Email: ndisheroon@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Mrs. Disheroon joined St. Paul’s in 2013 to teach both Music and Spanish.  She brings life experience with the International Baccalaureate Program, having earned the prestigious IB Diploma in high school. Nikita has a BME from Stetson University in DeLand, FL and a master’s degree in music from Baylor University.

Portrait of Dora Maar, Paris, 1937 Rose Berryman
Email: rberryman@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Rose has her B.F.A. in Art Education from North Texas State University. She has been at St. Paul’s for forty years, working as the science teacher, helping with the initial technology initiative, and then moving into her current role as the art teacher.

Courtney Cole
Email: library@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Courtney Cole was thrilled to join St. Paul’s in 2015 as the librarian.  Ms. Cole earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at Baylor University.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction.  She is a certified teacher for Early Childhood- Sixth grade, and is passionate about reading and integrating literacy in creative ways, both inside classrooms and library. She loves collaborating with the incredible teachers here at St. Paul’s!

 IMG_2384 Sherry McElhannon
Science Lab Coordinator
Email: smcelhannon@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Mrs. McElhannon earned her undergraduate degree from Baylor and a master’s degree in library science from the University of Illinois. She previously served for a number of years as an educational specialist for Region XII and as a private educational consultant in teaching and learning. Besides leading our science lab, Mrs. McElhannon will be able to contribute to St. Paul’s by leading professional development sessions for our faculty, in among other areas the integration of technology in teaching and learning. Mrs. McElhannon has one son who will be a student at St. Paul’s.

Emma Carberry
Physical Education
Email: ecarberry@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Coach Emma Carberry joined St. Paul’s in 2015. Originally from Brighton, England, Coach Carberry played on the women’s golf team at Baylor, where she earned her undergraduate degree. She is now in the master’s degree program at Baylor in sports pedagogy. Coach Carberry also coaches girls’ volleyball, girls’ basketball, and track.

Faculty – Teaching Assistants

Niki Labra
Early Toddler – 12 MO Class
Email: nlabra@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

Channa Nielsen
Early Toddler – 18 MO Class
Email: cnielsen@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

Monte Cook
Two Year Olds
Email: mcook@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Ms. Monte has been loving on St. Paul’s children for close to twenty years from the time that St. Paul’s Day Care was separate from the School.

Gazala Siddiq
Three Year Olds
Email: gsiddiq@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Gazala Siddiq has been with St. Paul’s for a number of years. Her three sons, Balal, Haris, and Asim, are all graduates of St. Paul’s. Gazala and her husband, Al, are both originally from Pakistan.

Cosie Nettles
Email: cnettles@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

Liz Dover
Email: ldover@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

Jessica Epp
Email: jepp@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246

Rachelle Hoffman
Email: rhoffman@stpaulsschoolwaco.com
Phone: 254.753.0246
Rachelle has been at St. Paul’s for ten years. She spent one year as librarian and one year as the Admissions Coordinator. The other years Rachelle has spent as a teaching assistant in kindergarten and also serves as the After School Coordinator. Rachelle graduated from Midway High School and worked with autistic children for three years before joining the St. Paul’s staff.

Church Staff
 bill fowler Rev. Bill Fowler
St. Paul’s Interim Rector
Email: bill@stpaulswaco.org
Phone: 254.753.4501
The Reverend William Fowler, who goes by “Bill,” currently serves as St. Paul’s Interim Rector. Bill has a passion for walking with parishes in times of transition, which he views as an exciting opportunity for fellowship, productivity, and hope. He holds his undergraduate and law degrees from UT Austin, and his MDiv from Sewanee.

Lisa_1 Lisa St. Romain
2s-4th Grade Christian Education Teacher
Email: lisa@stpaulswaco.org
Phone: 254.753.4501
Lisa is a graduate of the certificate program of The Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest. She is certified to teach Godly Play and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Lisa is on the Christian Formation Committee for the Diocese of Texas and is trained as a Safeguarding God’s Children trainer. She has been at St. Paul’s since 2005.