At an early age, art is a safe place for the students to express themselves using a variety of different media. Students explore and create using the different elements of art and design. A variety of different tools, materials, and techniques are taught. Students are encouraged to discuss their art work. Students are exposed to different types of art images through print media, posters, and actual pictures and sculptures.

As students move through the program, they use a variety of materials, techniques, and tools to develop an understanding that the choice of different tools and materials results in different outcomes. They begin manipulating materials with a purpose and with increased control of their personal expression. Students will begin to identify elements of art and design.

In the upper grades, art is used as a form of communication and as expressive language. The students become more familiar with the different stages of the creative process from the gathering of initial ideas to the completion of the idea for a piece of work. A variety of media is used to explore and express ideas – both two and three dimensional. Students are encouraged to use specific art vocabulary when reflecting and critiquing artwork.


Sixth Graders created artwork in the style of stained glass using black construction paper and colored tissue paper. Each year sixth graders learn about the life of an artist and copy two of that artist’s works. They then dress as that artist and present their work to other students in the school.

Visual Arts Teacher ~ Rose Berryman

Portrait of Dora Maar, Paris, 1937 Personal Information: I’m a native Texan. After marrying Carmack Berryman, I moved to Waco and began my career at St. Paul’s. I have two daughters, Sarah, who recently graduated from law school and is living in Houston, and Katherine, who is a hair stylist in Austin. Both are married to great guys. Normally, in my free time, I like to travel, cook, and sew. I’m a Food Network Junkie.

Educational Information: I have my B.F.A. in Art Education from North Texas State University.

Professional Information: I have been at St. Paul’s for 32 years, first as the science teacher, then taking over the art program. I was instrumental in starting the computer program at St. Paul’s a number of years ago.  I am Level One IB Certified.W

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