Music is a very important part of any child’s education, and the music program at St. Paul’s has been well established over the years.  In music class, students will sing, dance, play instruments, learn to read music, and even write their own music.  Music provides our students with opportunities to explore their creativity and to take risks to perform in front of their peers and parents.


The music curriculum at St. Paul’s works hard to develop students’ understanding of 6 essential elements of music.  These elements are: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, tone color, and expression.  Although all 6 elements can be found throughout music and most lessons will touch on at least a few of the 6, we will focus on a different every 6 weeks.  Students will also learn about a different musical composer for each 6 week unit.

Our preschool students play instruments, listen, move to music and sing songs related to their classroom units of study, the seasons, and special occasions. The librarian joins the music teacher in the two-year old classroom and children listen to stories accompanied by instrumental sound effects and songs. In PreK, the letter of the week is often incorporated in music activities.

Students in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade play many different instruments, sing, create movements, and learn music to present for special occasions during the year.  Many music activities connecting with IB units are done throughout the year. As they progress, they begin to learn how to read music. Many of the songs they learn are used during chapel services.

Intermediate students develop their skills in reading notes and rhythms through singing and playing instruments.  Playing the recorder is a part of third and forth grade music. Handchime ringing is an important part of fifth and sixth grade music class. Fifth graders learn to play more difficult music on Orff instruments, chimes, and other instruments. Sixth grade students have a more in-depth study of music theory, music appreciation and music history.  Each 6th grade student will do a research project about a European composer in the Spring.  Training to be the leaders in various school programs and presentations is also part of music class activities.


Special performances take place throughout the year, and range from a few songs sung during our morning Town meeting to full-length evening performances.

Music and Performing Arts Teacher ~ Nikita Disheroon

Personal Information: Mrs. Disheroon is originally from Florida, but she moved to Waco in the Fall of 2011 to attend Baylor University.  Mrs. Disheroon began her teaching career at St. Paul’s after completing her masters in 2013, and she is excited to continue working with the St. Paul’s family. Mrs. Disheroon (formerly Ms. Hernandez) was recently married this June!

Educational Information: Mrs. Disheroon received her bachelor’s degree in music education from Stetson University in DeLand, FL and a master’s of music in vocal performance from Baylor University.  She also brings life experience with IB, having earned the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma as a high school student.


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