Spanish Curriculum

At St. Paul’s Episcopal School, we want our students to acquire a working knowledge of a second language. From the age of two, students are offered the opportunity to learn the Spanish language in addition to English. In our two-and three-year old programs, students receive 30 minutes of Spanish weekly and it is reinforced by the classroom teachers throughout the week. Beginning in PreKindergarten, students receive one hour per week of Spanish instruction, which includes a study of vocabulary, conversation skills, and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Our introductory program is designed to give children a strong auditory foundation so that they will feel comfortable hearing and speaking Spanish. These classes consist of songs, games, and other lively activities followed by discussion and reinforcement of skills. The goal is to make the language visible for our two-through five-year olds. Much of what they are learning in English, they are also learning in Spanish. For example, our two-year-olds learn that the color red is also known as rojo and can identify the color in both languages.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade learn Spanish through storytelling. Students in the upper grades can tell a story based on pictures or draw pictures based on a story they hear. They can also read, with much success, stories that coordinate with the lessons they are learning.

Spanish Teacher ~ Nikita Disheroon

Personal Information: Mrs. Disheroon is originally from Florida, but she moved to Waco in the Fall of 2011 to attend Baylor University.  Mrs. Disheroon began her teaching career at St. Paul’s after completing her masters in 2013, and she is excited to continue working with the St. Paul’s family. Mrs. Disheroon (formerly Ms. Hernandez) was recently married this June!

Educational Information: Mrs. Disheroon received her bachelor’s degree in music education from Stetson University in DeLand, FL and a master’s of music in vocal performance from Baylor University.  She also brings life experience with IB, having earned the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma as a high school student.

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