History of the St. Paul’s Library

The Carolyn Haluska Memorial Library was created in the 1980s.  In 2005, the School Board decided to renovate several areas of the school.  Blake and Shanna Mattson gave a significant donation to renovate the library and to move our checkout system from a card catalog to an online system.  New books are purchased each year with funds raised at our Scholastic book fairs and through donations on Grandparents’ Day and on student birthdays.

Our Collection



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Scholastic Counts

Students in first through sixth grades have the opportunity to participate in a new program called, Scholastic Reading Counts.  After reading a book, students can take a comprehension test about the book.  The Scholastic Counts program also allows students to take the reading comprehension tests at home.

Library Curriculum

In our preschool and kindergarten programs, students come once a week for 30 minutes.  In that time, we read stories and we retell stories using puppets, skits, and felt storyboards.  Many of the stories we read will be connected to what students are learning in the classroom.  Children will be introduced to award-winning books and we will discuss what makes those books special.

Beginning in first grade, students are introduced to the Dewey Decimal system of classifying books. They learn where to find books on a variety of topics.  This is an important foundational research skill. Students will also practice using the dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and almanacs.  We will learn about parts of a book that help us find information (another research skill), including the table of contents and index.  Libraries are a place to find a wide variety of information, and students will learn the skills they need to successfully find any piece of information needed.

Author of the Month

Each month in the library, we will highlight the work of a special author.  As we read this author’s books, we will talk about the characters and think specifically about IB profile characteristics that they display.  We will explore the website of each author and talk about their styles of writing.  Occasionally connections will be made to art as we think about the style of the illustrations.  Other special activities will vary based on the author and his/her books.

Birthday Book Club

We have a Library Birthday Book Club.  Parents will have a chance to honor their child on his/her birthday by donating a book to the library ($15 donation).  A bookplate will be put in the book indicating that the book was given in honor of their child’s birthday.  The child gets to be the first to check out the new book and receives a birthday treat while being recognized during Town Meeting.  If your child has a summer birthday they will be honored during the last month of school.  This will also be a great way for us to add new books to our library collection.  If you would like to purchase a book in honor of someone at St. Paul’s, please email