It is the philosophy of St. Paul’s Episcopal School that technology should be used as a tool to inform and support student learning. Upon leaving St. Paul’s, students should understand and use with ease many computer applications, including Microsoft Office products and the Internet.

Technology Curriculum

Students begin visiting the computer lab for instruction in the use of hardware and software in pre-kindergarten. Students in pre-kindergarten through second grade will visit the lab once weekly to receive the instruction necessary to bring them to a level of comfortable computer use. Classroom teachers in pre-kindergarten through second grades work to incorporate technology as a tool in a few of their units. This integration may come in a variety of ways, including a computer center related to the topic of study or the required use of the computer for a learning experience or assessment. This year PreKindergarten through first grade students will be using a technology learning suite called TechKnowledge. Second graders will focus on learning Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Beginning in third grade, teachers collaborate with the curriculum coordinator to determine how technology will be incorporated into the curriculum for each unit. Instructional time with a technology facilitator, can be coordinated to ensure that the students have the skills necessary to complete the agreed upon project. Teachers in these grades allot times to bring their students to the lab to work on the chosen technology project or activity.

Typing instruction

Use of the keyboard will be introduced beginning in pre-kindergarten with the finding of the letters on the keyboard. Students in kindergarten through second grade will use age-appropriate software to practice their typing skills. In third grade, students will be required to spend 45 minutes weekly for the span of six weeks to solidify their ability to type correctly. This time occurs during the first grading period.