Support St. Paul’s

Your support is very important to us!  Just as when you were a student at St. Paul’s Episcopal School, tuition alone does not cover all of the operating expenses of the school.  In fact, tuition only covers about 73% of annual expenses.  Yet, we continue to offer all of the wonderful aspects of an education that make St. Paul’s special and so much more.

For 60 years, St. Paul’s has sought the most advanced and innovative ways to develop the appetite to excel in students.  Students leave St. Paul’s with not only the capability to fully excel and to exceed expectations at upper levels of learning, but also with the drive and desire to thrive in the classroom, on the field, on the court, and on the stage. As an alumnus, you know what makes St. Paul’s a school supporting.

All donation are valuable – no matter the size – and go toward continuing the quality and excellence of this school.  Donations may be made through mail to the school or online.  To donate online, visit our store by clicking on the $ icon then the Fund Donations box.

For more information about supporting St. Paul’s, please feel free to contact Jenny Peel, Director of Admissions & Development, at or call 254.753.0246.