What is IB?

Another frequently asked question from newcomers to St. Paul’s is how does an IB program lead students to higher levels of achievement?
Student inquiry is one of the important components. Students’ interest and questions drive instruction rather than predetermined teaching which is the more traditional approach in the classroom.  Also units of instruction are integrated so that the curriculum is woven to include all learning objectives as much as possible.  Additionally, students are encouraged to take action from their learning.  This leads to real world application and student ownership in their learning.  Lastly, as the name implies, an international mindedness is very much a part of every IB program.  As students adopt learning profile characteristics and attitudes, they become internationally minded, something that is a critical component in today’s world.

Teaching in an IB school requires ongoing training and an extremely high commitment to preparation and planning for class.  We are proud of our teachers and appreciate them for their passion and dedication.  The combination of missions of an IB school and an Episcopal school go hand-in-hand.  This is one of the things that makes St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School so special!

Debbie Bennett
Interim Head of School