Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School!  This is a new and exciting time for you and your child.  It will be a time of change and new beginnings-new surroundings, new friends, new skills and new challenges.  By working together, we can make it a happy and rewarding experience for everyone!

Our Current IB Unit of Inquiry ~ Who We Are

Central Idea

Senses are used to explore the world around us.


Lines of Inquiry

  • What we learn about the world through our senses
  • How our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin work
  • Describe ways to show proper care of our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin


Key Concepts




Profile Characteristics and Attitudes

  • Inquirer, Courageous
  • Enthusiasm, Tolerance


Welcome to Kindergarten

Name: Mrs. Sherri Ray

Phone: 254-753-0246

Email: sray@stpaulsschoolwaco.com