Weekly Update

Weekly Update: May 15-19, 2017

Reading: We will learn about how to synthesize while we read.

ELA: We will be in unit 32: Changing y to ies, in our Spelling Connections book.  We will continue working in our Write Source grammar book by learning about prepositions and prepositional phrases.

Writing: We will write our own children’s book. We will continue cursive handwriting with lower case “z” and begin learning how to form capital letters.

Math: We will review previous concepts.

Spanish: We will review what tools are used in different professions and review places of work.


Music: We will also continue working on music for 6th Grade Graduation and “Wibbleton to Wobbleton.”


IB: Unit of Inquiry: Sharing the Planet-“Survivor”

Central Idea: Living things adapt to interact with their environment.

Lines of Inquiry:

•Relationship between all living things
•Extinct/endangered animals or plants

Key Concepts: Change, Connection, Responsibility

Characteristics and Attitudes: Caring, principled, respect

Approaches to Learning: Time management, accepting responsibility

Welcome to Second Grade

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