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Welcome to 3rd Grade!  This site will be a helpful source of information for you.  You will find  plans for the week, homework assignments, and important class and school information on the various pages. Most information will be updated each week, but some information such as homework or daily assignments may be updated on a daily basis, so please be sure to check often. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with you and your student this year.


Our Current IB Unit of Inquiry 

How We Organize Ourselves:  Patent This!

Central Idea

People invent to solve problems.

Lines of Inquiry

  • How and why things are invented
  • How inventions have and will continue to change
  • How inventions change society

Key Concepts

  • Function
  • Causation
  • Change

Learner Profile/Attitudes

  • Risk-taker, Thinker
  • Creativity, Commitment

Transdisciplinary Skills

  • Organization
  • Safety
  • Planning
Welcome to Third Grade

Name: Lori Nagel


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